Refreshing HOA News Out Sacramento 

Refreshing HOA News Out Sacramento

Two bills are being proposed in California to give homeowners' association members greater protections against losing their homes because of their failure to pay dues on time.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee approved a bill by Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento that would require a homeowners' association to get a court order to foreclose on a residence whose owner had fallen behind in paying association assessments.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill by Senator Denise Ducheny of San Diego that would bar a homeowners' association from foreclosing without a court order in cases involving less than $2,500 in late payments.

Those restrictions in Ducheny's bill wouldn't apply to homeowners' associations with fewer than 25 homes.

It's about time the states start cracking down on these home thieves. Even the banks can't foreclose as easily as HOAs seem to be able to. I wish they'd pass some federal legislation to limit what HOAs can do in this regard.

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